Slim Fit Story

Slim Fit Story

Founded in 1997, Slim Fit Singapore believes in helping women achieving beauty naturally. Our humble beginnings focusing on pigmentation treatment and went on to pioneering Singapore's first bust enhancement therapy.
Ladies had entrusted their health and beauty to us in achieving confidence and their desired curves. Many also flew to Singapore solely to experience this amazing result. Today, Slim Fit has expanded its range of natural beauty therapies to include stretch mark removal, body massage and customised weight-loss programmes.


Our unparalleled reputation on the effectiveness of our bust enhancement treatment, coupled with our professional team of consultants and therapists and a comfortable environment will allow you to experience nothing but first-class comfort in a privileged atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity.


Our founders believe in holistic, natural and most importantly, non-invasive therapies that promote wellness and beauty. Thus, Slim Fit Singapore focuses on products and treatments that derives from natural sources as well as the power of massage, techniques often highlighted in traditional medicine that improves physical well-being. Effects and results using natural ingredients and traditional massage are never immediate, but one thing's for sure, you don't have to worry about side effects that may emerge from surgeries.